His debut was in the production of "Picnic," where he met up-and-coming actress Joanne Woodward. It took five years and a wrenching divorce before they married. His two marriages have produced six children.

He and Woodward had three daughters, Nell, Melissa and Clea. As he and they both became adults, he regretted not being a more involved father.

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In he suffered the tragedy of having his son Scott died from an accidental drug overdose. Paul estimates that he and Joanne lived in some 22 houses in California, and in they bought a farmhouse in exurban Connecticut as a summer house. They increasingly enjoyed their time there. Newman founded "The Hole in the Wall Gang," a camp for terminally ill children which he supports through his contributions from his sales of his two cookbooks and numerous cooking contests. He also sponsors a drug-abuse-prevention center named for his son Scott.

Best & worst synastry aspects: Joanne Woodward & Paul Newman

As an entrepreneur of spaghetti-sauce, popcorn and salad-dressing, Newman finds that the profits from his food products our grosses that of his films. In his 70's, his voice is raspier, his hair is white and his startlingly blue eyes are somewhat faded but Newman is still a handsome man.

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He has always championed liberal causes, driven fast cars and guarded his private life. After 20 years of running his hugely successful company, that manufactures and sells food items like salad dressing, pasta sauce, popcorn and more in eight countries; Newman and long-time pal and business partner, author A. Newman died of cancer on September 26, at his home in Westport, CT. He was Link to Wikipedia biography. Link to Astrodienst discussion forum.

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From Astro-Databank. Jump to: navigation , search. Navigation menu Personal tools Log in editors only. To find a rock solid, mutually supportive relationship that will weather the storms of modern life. Here is the list of my best synastry aspects.


I used this system on both the synastry inter-aspects, Davison Chart and composite charts. On the other end of the scale there are the super aspects. I regard these as karmic-contract aspects. I have found it to be significant.

Joanne Woodward Horoscope Pisces and Zodiac Horse

These are usually catalyst relationships and their sole purpose is pulling you onto the right karmic path. When this is achieved the relationship ends pretty quickly. UNDER 17 you get lovers or co-dependant marriages. Strong composite charts could offset everything….

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OVER 40 is not necessarily a good thing. So you see it is not as simple as getting a high soulmate score or feeling doomed because you have two red alerts.

source site Once you have the score, then you can then look into the synastry and see what is specifically pulling a couple together. You could still have a very high score with someone who you are not sexually attracted to at all, this could be with a best friend or child. This system helps establish if there is a solid framework for the romance and the magic to hang onto.

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