Certainly obsessions and mental manipulation are spotlighted by Mercury-Pluto, plus, we have the 3 North Solar Eclipse energies of July 2, running in the background with its 'obsessive' theme and 'news transforming a situation' - news that possibly involves young people Brady.

As it has.

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There's also a Sun-Pluto quindecile in the chart, another US natal echo of ruthlessness and an intense drive to gain power and control. Who do you suspect wants the Democratic nomination more?! Please enlarge the image because marked on the chart, lower left , is a note about chart-ruler Saturn 's lack of applying Ptolemaic aspects which places focus on Saturn Rx 's sign, degree, and house position--rising with Pluto Rx and foretelling of their Great Conjunction on January 12, 22Cap That Moon the public and Mercury are opposed here by this upcoming karmic conjunction pm edt in the 12th house of Karma and Politics hints at the difficulties already felt in the social and political environments and the harsh measures taken by the Trump 'administration' toward children Mercury and women Moon.

Such topics are sure to be mentioned during the July 30th debate perhaps early in the evening but if not, they should be.


Release dates: every game confirmed for 12222

Perhaps the Kite pattern of high-flying success will provide positive energies with the Moon We the People as its tail. But before anyone flies away we should note that the Saturn-Pluto combination of energies also relates to financial matters and to various levels of constriction and compression so we may expect that Senator Elizabeth Warren she the Moon?

Yet in closing we must also give a shout-out to Jupiter Rx still leading a Locomotive pattern of the high-powered executive - strong in his own sign, yes, but weakened by his retrograde condition turning Direct August Is this boundary-breaker Donald Trump? My suspicion is that yes, it is, and his empty promises, falsehoods, and propaganda moneybags Jupiter the politician and broadcaster continue to affect our public discourse by hideously distorting what should be a democratic American agenda by, for, and of We The People.

If you wish a look back at the previous June Democratic Debates try my Moon-Tracking post for these were the first and as such they set the tone for the whole Democratic Party enchilada.

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  • Not too many games were interested in keeping us indoors this August. The late release season officially kicked off in September, and things have been especially busy.

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    • A number of anticipated sequels to big games, not to mention meaty new expansions, all dropped in September. Most publishers tend to avoid October for obvious reasons. Ghost Recon Breakpoint kicks off the month with a bang, followed by the Grid reboot — before things quiet down for a few days.

      Daily Horoscope February 12, 2019 for Zodiac Signs

      Then, three major games release on the same day. As the year nears its end, some games have yet to find a satisfying spot amongst the monsters of October and November.

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      Fall remains their target, though. For the majority of these games, is still the release goal. We expect this list to be empty by November, at the latest.