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Mercury enters Pisces today!

The retrograde transit of Mercury in the 4th House lasts until July 31, The retrograde movement from Mercury to Cancer weakens the activities associated with the planet. Ambient instability makes any new initiative perilous or without a future. According to the July horoscope , this cycle during which Mercury retrograde in Leo then in Cancer is not favorable to the changes in the professional field.

If possible, it is also advisable to postpone a possible house move to later. The transit of Mercury in the 5th House lasts until August 29, The planet Mercury in Leo favors fun and frivolity. It is a period during which sensuality, leisure and the trades of the show take center stage. According to Gemini's horoscope , it's time to fully experience one's passions and party.

Mercury in Leo is a lucky and happy phase, conducive to pleasure, all reason kept. The transit of Mercury in the 6th House lasts until September 14, The position of the planet Mercury in Virgo is favorable. For the native of the astrological sign of Gemini in August , it is a favorable moment marked by professional successes, especially if he occupies a position in a trade of service, like notary clerk, civil servant or office worker.

At Mercure in Virgo, you feel much more efficient in your work and your desire to evolve within your company finds a favorable ear. If not, you feel the strength to consider an even better future in a more lenient environment. The transit of Mercury in the 7th House lasts until October 3, Mercury in Libra is a period conducive to communication.

Romantic or professional relations with natives of Virgo and Gemini are favored. According to Gemini's October horoscope , natives of the Gemini zodiac sign who wish to get married this year can take advantage of the lapse of time from Mercury to Libra to determine the day of their marriage. The retrograde transit of Mercury in the 8th House lasts until November 20, The retrograde move from Mercury to Scorpio weakens the activities associated with the planet.

The planet Mercury in Scorpio incites dreams and creative melancholy.

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However, the retrograde movement of Mercury during this period tends to render all artistic work sterile and to dry up the inspiration of the most fertile imaginations. According to Gemini's November horoscope , those who are students find it more difficult to memorize their course during Mercury's retrograde passage into Scorpio. This is not the time to let go, to lay the pen or the brushes.

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Pull yourself together, by perseverance you can overcome all obstacles. The planet Mercury is then in the state of debility of Exile and its energy is strongly attenuated, because it is unbalanced in this House. The unfavorable position of the planet Mercury in Sagittarius is a source of tension and its effects are unfavorable.

For natives of the zodiac sign Gemini in December , it is better to wait before starting a new project and if possible to avoid having to make business trips. When Mercury enters Sagittarius, you feel a certain excitement that makes you doubt your abilities and your choices. Do not get carried away in melancholy, you have all the cards in hand to turn the situation in your favor. Gemini lucky number : 42 Gemini lucky color : golden yellow, ocher yellow, reddish brown.

Discover now! Reading the free and complete annual horoscope for the 12 signs of the zodiac will allow you to effectively complete the astrological predictions specific to your sign. Indeed, the annual horoscope takes into account major and minor astrological events that have a strong and lasting influence on the 12 signs of astrology: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces. Skip to content Gemini Horoscope. Character traits and personality of Gemini in brief Third zodiac sign of the solar calendar, Gemini are natural messengers and travelers.

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