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Spouse prediction from Kundli : In Vedic astrology, 7th house is called the house of marriage. This house also refers to partner in general.

On the other hand, 5th house denotes your love relationships or affairs. These affairs could be any type, extramarital, or normal love relationships etc. You can say this is overall affair house and all affair starts from here and fulfilled at 7 th house. The 7 th house is also the house of sex and 12 th house is the house of bed pleasure when 8 th house also mixes with this combination then there would be a possibility of hidden relationships.

I have already discussed on this in another article — extramarital affair in astrology. Now in case of love relationships what relates to our present topic the 5 th house aspect or relation with 7 th house opens the possibility of love turning in marriage. In case of arranged marriage which is seen rare in metro cities nowadays, this 5 th house connection will not be there.

In modern days arranged marriage can be called as one where boy and girl have no considerable acquaintance earlier. Every house in Vedic astrology is governed by planet and on the basis of this following results are worth for consideration. In Conclusion : First of all, I want to say that, do not always go with any particular rule or parameter to judge any horoscope.

Qualities of Spouse-Basics

Combine all possible parameters and make a note of each on a paper, and choose the strongest one. Above I have mentioned maximum possible parameters to see your partner. Now you need to find out which point is more promising in your horoscope.

Vedic Astrology- House 7, Yuvati Bhava

These are not ultimate, some other important parameters are also there, but those are all part of advanced astrology. Experience: 15 Years.

Specialization: Dr. Share The Article On :. Hi, My venus is in the 7th house and aspected from saturn in scorpio from 5th.

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Will my mom be a mediator in my marriage? Hi I love reading your blogs.

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Please keep spreading the knowledge sir. My humble gratitude to you.

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My ex husband was my next door neighbour. In fact my Jupiter is in 3rd house but you said we check 7th house lord.

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October 15, Moon indicates spouse of calm nature. Mars indicates spouse of short height, but a stronger personality, bit aggressive, intelligent and family-oriented. Predicts love marriage or arranged marriage. The 5th house also indicates love. If Shukra Venus and Buddh Mercury are in the 5th house, if lord of the 5th house is also in 7th house and vice versa, it again indicates strong chances of love marriage otherwise not!

Predicts if there would be a second marriage Sometimes, it is possible for a person to remarry. The 7th house and its lord reveals if there would be any lawsuits related to matrimony, and 9th house is significator of 2nd marriage.

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Various combinations of the above factors, along with 7th house falling into dual signs and malefic influences are some of the signs for a remarriage. Your birth chart can help you understand many other interesting things about life in general. We recommend that everyone should use astrology as a tool to move forward in life and create their best destiny. Take the step today and get connected to our expert astrologers.